Short Girls Can Model Too!

If you’re anything like me, a 5’5” girl who thinks modeling is the last possible job you could ever hold, think again. Personally, when I think of a model, I think of a tall, slender woman who is tan and has perfect features. But the truth is, short girls like us can make it in the modeling world too, if you know where to look.

To name a few:

  • DEVON AOKI – 5’5″ – She walked the runway for Chanel and Versace!
  • TWIGGY – 5’4″ – British Supermodel
  • KATE MOSS – 5’6″ – Role Model and Supermodel in Size 0 Fashion

Check out this magazine Bella Petite – The founder of this magazine organized shows and events for models 5’5″ and under.   She created and produced the a nationally televised show for petite models.

bella petite

Being short is a struggle for me sometimes. Going grocery shopping and the box of cereal I want is on the top shelf, or trying to clean my house and not being able to dust much higher than eye level on my bookshelf? Honestly, the “short life” can be pretty frustrating. And I know lots of girls like me who live in California and wanted so badly to be models if it weren’t for their height.

There’s hope, girls!

There are actually plenty of modeling agencies that will hire more “vertically challenged” girls like myself. If you are looking for an opportunity like this, search for modeling agencies looking to hire petite girls. This category is best if you’re a little on the shorter side, since most agencies look for models 5’8” or taller.

Also, catalog or parts modeling agencies can be the “Holy Grail” for shorter girls like me. A lot of catalog agencies look for girls that would be great to model outfits, accessories, etc., rather than catwalk models that are taller. Also, parts modeling agencies are looking for hand models, foot models, basically anyone that can help them market mainly accessories. This can be a gold mine for shorter girls as well since height does not affect this form of modeling.

I’ve always thought of the stereotypical tall, gorgeous women walking down the catwalk when I think of a model. But sometimes good things come in small packages, and there are plenty of opportunities in California and all over the world for those of us who are less gifted in the height department!

So get out there and show them what you’re made of.