How To Break Into Modeling


You have been obsessed with fashion magazines for as long as you can remember, and your daydreams usually consist of you strutting your stuff down a long runway at New York Fashion Week.

You live for the latest issue of Glamour and Vogue and spend hours in front of the mirror practicing your poses for a photographer. Everyone says you have “the look”, so maybe it’s time to do something about it.

The first thing you want to do is have someone take some pictures of you, and it doesn’t have to be a professional photographer for now, just someone with a good camera. Take the pictures outdoors to get the natural light and choose a neutral background, you want something natural, not a parking lot. Try a few different outfits, and since you have been studying fashion magazines for a zillion years it should be pretty easy to put together a cute outfit. Choose neutral colors for your make up and remember the phrase less is more, keep it simple and light, you want people to see who you really are.

Once you have some pictures ready it’s time to find an agent. There are tons of modeling agencies all across the United States, and you can find them in every major city and also in smaller towns. Do your research when looking for an agency, their website should provide enough information about them to get a feel for what they do and who they represent.

You will want to check with the better business bureau and see if there have been any complaints against them in any way. You will most likely need to mail or e-mail your pictures to the agency and they will contact you if they are interested.

Some agencies have an open call where you go into see them during a certain time along with many other hopeful models. You shouldn’t have to pay an agency for any classes or anything like that, but you will eventually need pictures from a professional photographer to get your portfolio together.

An important tip for becoming a model is to be yourself and let your personality shine through. Clients sometimes choose a model who may not be the tallest girl in the room, but who is confident and whose personality comes through into the camera. Modeling is about connecting with people whether it’s at a runway show or on the pages of a fashion magazine, what comes through your eyes to captivate viewers can help you sell anything to anyone. You have to be open to being silly and taking risks in front of the camera, photographers love models that can keep moving at all times and try out many different poses.

Once you do get an agent and they start sending you out on “go-sees” for different clients always remain professional as in get to your appointments early or on time, show up prepared with your portfolio and anything else your agent told you to bring, and remember your manners with the clients. Modeling is a job that a kazillion girls and guys want so don’t squander a chance you have to be one.