Modeling and Cracked iPhone Screen

I know the title may sound a bit strange, but it’s a true story.  I decided to have a conversation with a few up and coming models by telling them about my blog and trying to get permission to maybe blog about their journey.

I mean how fun would it be to start a blog about someone who may be a famous actress or model some day … following them form rags to riches.  Okay maybe not rags, but you know what I mean.

So, I set up an appointment with one model, let’s call her Abigail. Abigail and I were to meet for lunch at Rutabegorz.  I’ve never heard of it or been there.  It is in Orange, CA. which isn’t a place that I visit often.  I guess it must have been near where she had an audition or shoot or something.

I get there and it is a healthy, vegetarian,  hippy-dippy place that I am not fond of, but hey I guess America’s Next Top Models must love the stuff.  And, who knows, maybe that is how they keep their figure.

I look over the menu, not impressed and stressing about what in the world I am going to find satisfying. I wait and wait and wait…. no Abigail. So I try calling her it goes to voice mail.  I try texting, no response.  Great, I’ve been stood up and now I have to eat something for lunch that I really don’t care for.  I settled on the Thai Quinoa Salad, pay and head out the door.

As I am jumping in my car, guess who I get a call from.. yep Abigail.  Apparently, she was running out the door with a million things in her hand, dropped her iPhone and cracked the screen.  She could see text and hear her phone ring, but couldn’t get the phone to pick up and wasn’t able to respond to texts.

She tells me that she is at Cell Phone Repair Orange and her phone should be fixed in 30 mins, could I come meet her there for the interview.

Long story short I did her interview in a cell phone repair shop.   I will share her story on my blog in my next article.. it is a good one so be sure to come back and read it.  Seems like these types of things always happen to Abigail.  I am sure you have friends that crazy things always seem to happen to.  You would never believe it if you heard it from someone else, but knowing your friend you know she isn’t lying about having two flat tires on the freeway on the way to your house.

I don’t do this very often, but I have to give them props here.  I was very impressed with the repair shop.  It was clean – they had cold water in the fridge for us and free WIFI.  They fixed Abigail’s phone while we waited and I think the price was only like $100. If If I ever need my cracked iphone screen replaced. I am coming here.  Below is their Yelp Page and Facebook page:

More on Abigail’s journey to being Americas Next Top Model in the next blog post!