San Clemente California – Top Models Everywhere

Have you ever visited sunny southern California?  One of my favorite places to visit is San Clemente, CA.  I have a friend there that I say with.  I love the beach community and although it has changed over the years, it still has that small beach town feeling.  You can still walk along the main street for great food and shopping and parking is still free.

One my most recent visit, my friend and I started talking about my  blog as we made our way to the beach to grab happy hour on the pier.

I am not quite sure if it was because we were talking about the blog, but there seemed to be the Next America’s Top Models everywhere we turned.

Why is it that Southern California attracts so many “models”?  Do they migrate here or are they just “born that way” .  Maybe it is the lure of Hollywood and all that LA seems to offer that causes them to seemingly migrate to southern California.

I know I know – some of you will hate that I am referring to the beauty outside not inside, but really that is what Americas Next Top Model is out about.  I am not saying there aren’t beautiful people in other parts of the country or other parts of the world … just saying that it seems like there is a higher population there.

Just an observation ….

Anyway, food for thought. I am giving a shout out to his San Clemente Family owned carpet cleaning business.  Thanks for letting me hang at your place last week!