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Want to be in the Americas Next Top Model Auditions?

Think you're ready to be Americas Next Top Model? Apply here!



What is Americas Next Top Model and how do you Audition?

America's Next top Model Auditions 2011- how to land a gig Tyra Banks is one of the biggest names in the TV as well as the modeling industry. She is a model herself and a host of one of the most popular show by the name of Americas next top model. This show is among the most desired by many youth to land a gig, but there are over 100,000 people who try out for each show and there is only one reward to compete for. You will require some of the best skills to stand out from the crowd. However, this should not freak you out as there are a lot of strategies you can use to stand out from other competitors.

If you had tried the contests that got completed in April, 2011 and did not make it to the top; there is still chances for you to excel now. America's next top model auditions 2012 are soon coming back. The show is expected to kick off in early 2012. Winners will be given roles that will place them among movie stars, television stars and models as well.

If you are serious about competing in Americas next top model, you should exercise often because there is expected to be even tougher competition than other times. With over 100,000 contestants, participants cannot manage to sit down and just wait for miracle to occur. Keep reading on some tips to help you in landing a gig in the show.

The first thing will be to find out the place where the auditions shall be held. The auditions are held in several places and that makes it essential for contestants to trace the exact location of the shows so that they can attend. In many cases, shows are hosted in malls or convention centers. The official running time of the auditions is between 10 am and 3 pm.

Secondly, get a copy of America's next top model auditions 2012. There are some stipulated guidelines that contestants are supposed to observe. You can be talented, but failure to observe the regulations will get you disqualified from participating in the event. The host of the show, Tyra banks, is known to be a volatile character. She may decide to change the rules of modeling. Just go through the guidelines to make sure you have all she will stipulate you should have. Taking some time in finding the interests of the judges can help in differentiating you from the crowd. Judges in Americas top models auditions are in fact the producers of the show. You can try to research a little about what their interests are. With a general idea of what they would be looking for, this would put you in a better chance of creating a better impression on the casting crew.

The right candidates to participate in the show are supposed to be between 18 and 27 years old. They are also supposed to be American citizens. They should also have less than 5 years in professional modeling. In the past, modeling industry required candidates to be above 5'7'' but there are a lot of controversial rulings facing America's next top model auditions with some enthusiasts lobbying for the show to host only short models. Learn more about Americas next top model auditions here.

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